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Winter weather can be a challenge for many of our wild feathered friends.  Snow and welcomed rainfall began to visit here on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in November leaving many of the wild food sources difficult for birds to access.

More than ten years ago, my wife and I began to assist our local populations of quail, finches, sparrows, and even a wayward woodpecker or two, by installing several feeders and suet holders.  Since out backyard is secluded from our local traffic and most of the noise that comes with city living, it provides a haven for any bird seeking refuge from the elements.

FlickerHere is my favorite.  This guy usually arrives at daybreak and vigorously attacks the suet basket.  His pecking throws pieces of the suet cake everywhere which lends nicely to the enjoyment of others feeding close-by.  It really is interesting to watch all the different species.  Many are regulars, some seem to only visit occasionally.  No matter what time of day or weather condition there is always a population change taking place.  That's one of the things that makes backyard feeders interesting.