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Many of us retire from the workforce to enjoy our "golden years."  How golden are those years?  It depends on who you talk to.  I recently took a part-time consulting job to help fill an important void many of us face —comradery!  During my first week or so I felt different about myself.  I felt as if I had purpose again and my inner core was satisfied.

While we are working, many of us come into contact with people on any given day.  Some of us interact with several to perhaps dozens of people, some just a few—maybe only the boss.  Never-the-less, we at least sustain  some human contact.  When we retire, we lose that interaction (except for our significant other perhaps), and that loss of human contact begins to manifest itself in our meager daily activities.  Some of us begin to lose our communication skills, others our basic thought processes that used to be sharp and honed to a fine edge.

For the retirees that have a lot of leisure activities on their plate, I say congratulations on finally having all the time you want to spend enjoying those enjoyable endeavors.  But for those of us who still have an inner desire to be productive as well as enjoy the comradery of those we work with, I recommend looking into a part-time job.  It may just be a non-prescriptive solution for those down-in-the-dumps feeling that overtakes us retirees once in a while!