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In a few of my past blogs I talked about joining writer groups to help with critiques and support information for your work in progress.  Another way to get help and support is to share information via social media.  So a couple of things about "blogging."

A few weeks ago I purchased a book called "Blogging For Writers" and was amazed to read comments, stories, and suggestions that motivated me to make some changes to my blog.  If you use Blogger or WordPress, this reference may give you a few ideas to launch a blog, or just improve one that you may already have.

If you enjoy blogging and reading other writers thoughts on writing, you may want to look at M.Louisa Lock's blog.  She is the author of the San Francisco Mystery Series.  Another good blog to visit for comparison, is Elizabeth Spann Craig's.

And one last item.  If you find a blog you enjoy, subscribe.  That way you are notified of the newest blogs as they hit the internet.

I was watching an interesting program on the History Channel a couple of weeks ago when it dawned on me that I have lots and lots of photos I could share on my blog.  The theme of the show I watched was "The Curse of Bodie," which really seems to exist.  To activate the curse, all one needs to do is visit the town, then take home a keepsake (which will soon rain down bad karma until the keepsake is returned).

The town as it stands today allows us to look back into history without living under the harsh conditions endured by its earliest inhabitants.