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This past week my wife and I met some friends of ours in Las Vegas, NV for the 2014 Rodeo Finals. What a great time we all had.

The participants (call them Cowboys and Cowgirls if you wish) are the best of the best for sure and they certainly make it look easy.  If anyone is interested in the individual standings, please see the ProRodeo web site for the latest details.

The most interesting thing about this event was the sportsmanship by all the participants (yes, even the bulls).  Nobody threw a hissy fit if they were tossed to the ground, or missed that calf or bulldog.  If they were successful, they raised their hands and head in joy, if not, they shook if off and prepared for the next night's event.  Really nice to see, especially when you look at the daily news and see how we can't seem to get along with each other or even our own families.

I was impressed all around, and certainly hope this kind of competition continues well into this century.  Maybe all our heroes should be Cowboys.