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In my June 19th 2014 post, I discussed my early years of guitar lessons.  As I grew up, my love for the guitar declined, but never completely faded.  I still have my Dad's old Melophonic, but thanks to my neighbor (and Master Luthier) Leonard Paschini, it looks, sounds, and plays like it never has.

Just this past week our local newspaper, The Nevada Appeal, ran an interesting article about Leonard.  His musical interest spans several decades.  Professionally, he was known as "Pooch" during his days as lead guitarist with BitterSeeds, a local band in California.  As my neighbor, he is a musical icon, now specializing in acoustic guitar work such as jazz, blues, and classical arrangements.

As a Master Luthier, Leonard takes on all types of custom work. Take a look at his restoration of my Dad's 1920-1930ish Melophonic Resonator.


That's it for now.  Hopefully you have enjoyed this little tidbit—more later.

I've always enjoyed music.  All kinds.  But when I got my first real guitar, I was hooked on rock & roll.  My next door neighbor and I took lessons for several years and learned to play the classics (not "Classical Gas"), the real stuff..."Raunchy"..."Walk Don't Run"...."Apache".


Here I am, all of thirteen, and pickin' at my neighbors.  We had fun.

Today, I my next door neighbor is a man who not only plays the guitar, but builds and repairs them. So that got me thinking about an old guitar that was my father's when he was a teenager.  He never learned to play but was always interested in my progress when I took lessons in Jr. High.  Here is picture of Dad's 1920-1930 Melophonic.

Front of my Melophonic showing all the hardware as well as the original lacquer finish.
Front of my Melophonic showing all the hardware as well as the original lacquer finish.






This guitar was difficult to play and really had no sound quality.  So I took my first lessons on another old acoustic that my parents bought from my music teacher (which wasn't much easier to play, but at least it produced some sound).

More on the fate of Dad's old Melophonic in my next post!