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This year my wife Bobby and I visited our friends Christine and Bob at their beautiful home in Phoenix, AZ.  We timed the trip for late spring to avoid the punishing heat of summer and were happy we did.  The mornings were very pleasant but by eleven A.M, copious amounts of shade and a cactus cooler were the order of the day!

Luck was on our side during the visit.  Chris informed us the local botanical garden was hosting a butterfly exhibit.  Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see a vast array of species and their colorful adornment!  We were in!

We also enjoyed the vast display of color from all the local flowers.  Here is a brief sampling.

If you enjoy nature's small creatures, we highly recommend "catching" the butterfly exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical gardens.   Check the web site for the schedule and any other exhibits that may strike your fancy.  Don't forget to visit as early in the morning as you can for better creature comfort (mainly yours).  Enjoy!

I was watching an interesting program on the History Channel a couple of weeks ago when it dawned on me that I have lots and lots of photos I could share on my blog.  The theme of the show I watched was "The Curse of Bodie," which really seems to exist.  To activate the curse, all one needs to do is visit the town, then take home a keepsake (which will soon rain down bad karma until the keepsake is returned).

The town as it stands today allows us to look back into history without living under the harsh conditions endured by its earliest inhabitants.